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The Story Of This Album

For many years people have asked me to record the songs they have heard me sing in church.
They have shared personal experiences with me in those moments of listening that have convinced me there is a great power in sacred music that goes beyond the abilities of the human voice.

Although I have made a career out of being a Musical Theatre performer and as a soloist performing a wide variety of musical styles, I cannot deny that singing a hymn or song sacred in nature is a very different experience.
All I know is that when I do... a sacred reverence is felt and I feel it a great honour and privilege to share sacred principles... their truths resonate deeply within me and I feel my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ close by me.
I feel a quiet strength and a renewed hope to carry on through the challenges I encounter in this life.

My sincerest desire is that as you listen you might feel uplifted, that you might feel a moment's respite from your challenges, that you might not feel alone, that you will feel the love of a kind, wise and gentle Father in Heaven who loves you so much that he sent his perfect son Jesus Christ our Saviour to redeem us all from the bonds of death and sin, that we might be his again in our eternal Heavenly Home.

All my love,

Alex. XXX